About Me

Hi! My name is Jeremy Vickery and I've had an interesting career in varied aspects of film and game production. I am currently a Senior Staff Lighting Artist at Sony Bend Studio in Oregon. I worked for 7 years as a Lighting Artist at Pixar Animation Studios on the films "The Incredibles" "Cars" "Ratatouille" "Wall-E" "Brave" "The Blue Umbrella" "Toy Story of Terror" and "Inside Out". I've also been a freelance concept designer and illustrator and have done work for clients such as Disney, LEGO, Ubisoft, Sony, Mattel and many other smaller studios and companies. At the beginning of my career I worked as a 3D modeler / texture artist for the animated kid's series "Veggie Tales" and later as the Director of Lighting on the animated feature film "Delgo". I also started my gaming career at Ubisoft in Quebec Ciy Canada as an Assistant Art Director, and then as a Lighting Artist at NaughtyDog working on the game Uncharted Lost Legacy. Thanks for looking at my work. I occasionally do freelance work on the side (though not often these days), so if you're interested send me an email.

You can contact me directly at jermilex@yahoo.com

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